Tuesday, 26 October 2010

X Factor

Hello Everyone.

Been a long time so thought id thought i have a lil rant. This is the official come back of my blog and more of A.Lee. Ok so we all been watching x factor and only way is essex so thought give you some views


  • OK first things first what on earth was cheryl thinking not putting gamu through. Will.i am must have been sticking his electro autotune disco stick down her ears or something because she was mad. No wonder nadine wants to cuss her off. And so right she should have, But the nation is over it and so am i
  • This Cher chick! ima just say what we all thinking................. what a wigger! im sorry but this girl is not serious about life. I just wanna run up to her and go BITCH PLEAAAAAAAAAASE! she been stealing peoples songs and calling them hers, and what is up with her ritarded voice, she not only sounds common but she sounds a tad slow no? She has spent wayyyyyy to much time in JD sports and topshop. Does she know what she looks like. Who the hell is voting for her. does she think it's all them top big serious girls in hackney. Can you imagine some girl in hackney turning to her baby daddy and going " oh i love cher i can so relate to her" HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!
    you know anyone with hoop earings but is too shook to wear them on road is voting for that bitch. Even lady sovereign has more street apeal then this girl and that aint saying much. Is this girl actually serious when she is rapping. No seriously have you seen her screw face, my girl looks like she just had a stroke! Other day she said she wanted to sing DIVA by beyonce. The only beyonce song you should be singing is " No No No" because thats what im shouting at the TV when i see you girl.
  • Katie- Have you seen this girls roots. please someone tell her go get them done please. She is fucking matt so at least he could do is pay for her highlights!
  • Aiden- im sorry but everytime he is on stage he just looks like he is on crack and needs to take a shit.
  • One Direction- Im sorry they are way to young to be having all these sex appeal shiz going down. One of them was shirtless in a mag the other day, so not kool. One of them, the one with the dark hair is always looking mad vex! You know he wants to be lead. The the short blonde one can not dance at all, he must be cousins with jedward because really he is just acting like a fool on that stage. Jumping up and down like some kind lord only knows what during a ballad. someone train that dude.
  • The rest of them are like ok and i aint gonna hate. Belle Amie need to stop shopping in topshop for real.