Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Controversy & Loveless Lonely Actions Of An Eccentric!

OK i actually can not believe the hype around my last blog entry! IT WAS HILAR! I caused a bit of a stir in class. But I LOVED IT! You know what they say NO PRESS IS BAD PRESS! i was loving the buzz it was causing. But i do feel that i was very miss understood! I have a point i must stress that some entries of this blog is NOT ME!


some people really can not read because this was clearly stated at the start. So as the last post caused such a stir I'm going to write this post by ALEXANDER LEE not the character A.LEE .

So it was valentines day a few weeks back. I almost died! WORST VALENTINES DAY EVER. How did this happen to me. I last year had a date with a hot welsh girl i meet in a club on valentines day. This year i was with my mother watching a stupid rom com called valentines day with a bunch of couples around me. This film could not have depressed me more. I generally was upset about the fact I'm single. I have been single for a very long time now, and i really don't know why. I been thinking about the person i am lately and i don't like doing that because i don't know if i like myself very much.

It's very hard being a eccentric and finding a girlfriend. PEOPLE DON'T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! which i hate. I Mean i do have a heart and a soul, maybe i don't deserve to find love. maybe i should become a socialite and fashion icon like i always intended. i joke! No but is it my actions, is it me, am i really a prick!

i mean kids is not in the picture for me ..... i just don'then i was small. Wouldn't know what do with the bloody thing! Us fellas we do want to find love. i mean i don't wanna sit in starbucks on my own forever and watch someone eat someone Else's face.

But watching that valentines day film was so shit. EVEN THE LITTLE KID GOT SOME ACTION. Do i really need to change. Do i really need to change to find love. I mean A.Lee is a part of me, he always will be.

you know what pisses me off the most is that everyone says " OH ALEX I CAN'T SEE YOU WITH A GIRLFRIEND, OH I DON'T KNOW YOUR TYPE!" that's so harsh! like i do have a type. My standards have changed this year, I'm so up grading on a beyonce level. seriously I'm not going for those chics i find up in the club who I'm grinding on behind em, i mean sometimes its just too easy. i meet these girls and never call them,......... but why because they are not wifey material! its a joke!

seriously its so lonely. I can only listen to my whitney houston albums so many times and sit in watching a soppy chic flicks or comedy. Maybe that's the problem, that i have a whitney houston album in the first place and that i own sex and the city movie dvd (sorry i don't business that is a banging film)! maybe i need to MAN UP!

Do i be true to myself or do i tone it down, should i change to find love. Out of everyone i think i deserve true love! I have had to deal with so much rejection over the years, I give and give and give to have what? my heart thrown out the window like trash. That's why I have turned into this. Its all the rejection. I mean no one See's me as boyfriend material. I'm just that over camp guy Alex! It frustrates me soooo much. I think i would make a great boyfriend. I would so cater to my women! I have massive respect for women. OK i make the odd sexist joke, but only in joke. I mean i feel no one really knows the real me, maybe i have not shown the real me!

Why is love not like how it is in the movies. I wanna spill a coffee over a girl in Starbucks and offer her another one and then we get chatting. why does it not happen like that. whats the point of even having romantic movies if it is not like true life. It just gives false hope to guys like me. I actually have always thought that it happens like in the movies. I'm so writing to the movie makers and tell them to stop giving me false hope!

But anyway enough about all this. we don't want my tears spilling over my laptop, it will just break it.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Do's & Dont's Of An Eccentric


This blog is by two people, The Alexander Lee, the other is "The A.Lee" ( my alter ego).

Forget that bitch beyonce and that sasha fierce ish, I started that shit from long time ago. She aint got nothing on this brother right here, all she does is get on all fours and swings her baby hairs and that 68 tone of weave that she is still trying to pass as her own hair, swings it around and makes a screw face and she thinks its a alter ego. two words BITCH PLEASE! Don't whores do the same thing no?

tis true, male alter ego shall be differn't to the sisters so ima give her that. But this is how "The A.lee" does it

things to learn for today kids


1. a group of attendants or retainers, esp such as surround an important person; retinue
2. surroundings or environment


(Psychology) a person concerned more with external reality than inner feelings

SO HERE ARE MY DO'S AND DON'TS ( of an eccentric)


  • Don't do stairs
  • Don't do waiting in line ( don't these people know who i am)
  • Don't do waiting for tutors to come out of their boring little lives of chairty shop shopping and cooking for the misses whom they have not fucked in 6 years to come the hurry hell up to our lesson
  • Don't do microwave foods....... theres a reason why tesco lasagne has a "creamy white cheese" if you catch my drift. i know some of you ladies r thinking "yummy" GO HOME!
  • Don't Do holding the door open for myself..... please i work out enough, like i really need to open my arm out for myself and the dick behind me. yer right!
  • Don't do Blonde chicks with way too much make up... princess if i need a shovel to get that slap of your face...... its just not gonna happen love.
  • Don't do looking after someone on a night out., please if they don't know their limits thats their problem, like i need their sick to be on my italian boots anyway! i will happily pay for the AA meetings, but aint my fault you drink to be happy...... go see a shrink. i will even reherse your AA lines with you "hello my name ..... and im a alcoholic!"
  • Don't do kids............ i can't force that smile on the bus when you just stare at me..... yeh i know im the shit, but really is there any reason to stare! take a picture why don't you GOSH!
  • Don't do packing my own bags at the supermarket..... yeh like im gonna do it better then this sales person. look dude you get paid your £4.28 per hour .... i demand a decent service, like i give a rats about the old lady counting out her pennys to pay for her piss pads, do it on the floor love.... some cleaner will come clean it up 4 u don't you worry
  • Don't do slow walking people.......... lets not even go down that road i will rant forever. not even worth the finger tip to the key!
  • Don't do pouring my own mixer or drink! erm sorry i ordered a gin and tonic not a dirty glass of gin and a small bottle of tonic you over charged me for..... TAKE IT BACK BITCH!
  • Don't do getting drink poured on me! look brothers i know you gone hate coz this man made more of a effort then you did and the ladies are loving my new t. but is there really a need to pour drink down it. the ladies just run to my rescue. gives em something to lick!
  • Don't do you telling me you don't have it in stock....... erm theres a reason why they make more then one!
  • Don't do the morning after...... yeh lets say what this was.... no i have not got to go to work earlier but i just want to you leave so i can have the bed to myself and regret what i just did . and im sure mc donalds is still doing breakfast. Here is 99p go get yourself a egg mcmuffin, treat yourself... i don't do cooking you breakfast. well what are you standing for... i told you i don't do opening doors.
  • Don't do trainers ....... do i look like i run places. Nike because you have a tick in your logo is that your way of telling me that you are good. erm im not stupid, im affended as a member of the public that you would try and fool me in that way.
  • Don't do tea.... theres a reason why PG tips needs more milk then earl grey! its called class people. EVERYTHING NEEDS JUST A SPLASH!
  • Don't do Full fat coke... well why would you, thats just wrong
  • Don't do lighting my own ciggarette. not that i smoke, but why would i lite up my own, thats what constant smokers are there for, they always have a lighter, and how do you think i meet girls on the smoking dec! you think i just go up and talk to them, errrrrr yeh!
  • Don't Do JD sports............ why would i put that fake material on my skin. you really think rebook is a lable. switch you mcKenzie for Mcqueen ! trust me you will feel better.
  • Do Don't reading the time for myself. why would i own a watch when i can demand the time from a total stranger and its not rude. power is everything people

anything i can do........... there is always someone or something else that can do it for me. if im able to do it myself, there is someone else out there who can do it for me. der!

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Opening Blog

In popular usage, eccentricity refers to unusual or odd behavior on the part of an individual. This behavior would typically be perceived as unusual or unnecessary, without being demonstrably maladaptive. Eccentricity is contrasted with "normal" behavior, the nearly universal means by which individuals in society solve given problems and pursue certain priorities in everyday life. People who consistently display benignly eccentric behavior are labelled as "eccentrics"

My beautiful Friends and readers i am happy to accounce the very first blog, by THE A.LEE! Today i started a new chapter in my life. it started when me and some uni colleagues went to selfridges for stantionary. I wanted to short and document my life. Not that my life is interesting to document, but why not! we all have lives and we all should cherish it. I am thankful for my eccentric personality , my lifestyle is not glamourous but im happy with it!

i thought why the hell shouldn't document and blog my thoughts and feelings, i mean i think everyone has something valid to say,ESPECIALLY ME! i can't shut the hell up to save my life. i can talk for days, i always think im right....... but i can accept when im not; i have interesting opinions. Don't get it twisted my lovely readers i don't do politics,n all that. This will be a document of my actions and thoughts and what i think is important!

There will be plenty on popular culture, style( only a tiny bit i promise),sex, drugs and pop and roll! lol

hope you continue to read and follow my blog, it shall hopefully be humourous but also insightful!

The first Blog shall be about me so stay tuned!

ta rah for now chuck!

kisses on both cheeks for the ladies, n a firm hand shake for the fella's!