Saturday, 15 February 2014

Did St. Valentine have bodyguards?

As Valentines has come and gone I wonder how special is Valentines Day really and why do we get obsessed so much? With or without a valentine are we all really being true to our feelings on the day and about the day? How do we really feel about our "valentine". My main question is how good is Valentines Day for us and our relationships and what are it's effects if any. 

So technically single on Valentines day but still with a date I thought to myself how much does one really care about the day and why is it such a big deal. I must admit I'm really a romantic at heart, but this year is very different from last years Valentines Day. The reason not because I am single this year and not single last year, but my feelings towards it have changed and certainly matured.

Everyone says "it's just a day" or "I should be shown love everyday". But the whole routine of it all begs me to question... Why do we single or not single put ourselves through it? Is it worth it and do we really know what we are doing in terms of showing our love and affection or rather not showing it purposefully.

No matter what stage you are in some kind of relationship whether it be just started going out or being in a long term relationship we are expected to show some kind of love and affection on this one day. Which is all fine and dandy but some of us forget to realise or even consider that valentines day can either corrupt and complicate a relationship or make it stronger. 


 Not until valentines day most people who are in a relationship have that awkward moment of realisation of.......... "where is this going" ? We also have to come to terms with facing the question " how much do I love this person, do I even love them or do I just love them or lust after them? 

As guys we have all been there. Its Valentines Day coming up and your in the card shop and your trying to find a card that doesnt say I LOVE YOU inside it. The reason why? Because you haven't even said it to your partner yet! Its not that some guys don't like Valentines but there is a certain pressure about the whole thing.  For women its especially a time where they put pressure on their relationships. This is because its the only time in the year where they sit down and really think about their feelings on their relationships and really start to examine how much affection their partner really shows them. 


But for us single people. I can sit here and say ... Oh yeh Valentines just depresses us and highlights how alone we are. But to me it's the time of year where we analyse why we are single. We really should be asking ourselves .... "what are we doing to stop being single, are we really putting ourseleves out there as much as we can" ?


One thing I thought about it was what the hype of valentines is doing to us as people and our relationships. Are we being as careful as we should be? No matter what stage of a realtionship your in, or even if your not in a realationship you should always have your guard up and be careful. We always forget this during Valentines. We all get so caught up and smoke gets in our eyes and we all get lovey dovey. But this does have effects on us all. It can take our relationships and develop them to the next emotional stage, or it can force our relationships and feelings into places that we are not ready for or shoul'dnt even be.

I know it sounds like i'm being scared of commitment. But that's not it. We think about LOVE far too much around valentines. But what if your not in love. What are those of us meant to do when we are still in that getting to know each other phase? Or what about those who have just started going out? For all of us in what ever stage we are in, we all force the idea of either love or progress into our relationships at the this one time of year. Relationship progression is never a bad thing. All I'm really trying to say is that we force it upon ourselves only really at one time of the year. But this can put strain on some realationships. Yes we should always ask ourselves "where is this going". But where are our guards when we need them. Sometimes thinking about things too much can ruin it.

During this season of love is there really any harm in having our guards up? We are forced to open up the flood gates of love and affection at one festive season? But is this not the time where we should be being careful and try not to ruin it? If you got a good thing going , why are we forced at this time of year to question it and is questioning everything such a good idea?

 The idea of love does not ruin things, but my question is are we really careful in terms of love?  Can the hype can put unnecessary pressure on us in a relationship or not. 

On valentines there is always pressure. But who is there to protect us?  and how much protection do we really need? Should we just let love be love. Or should we examine and analyse our own relationships and not have our guards up. Are we all just getting a bit too carried away and become stupid in love? Are we all too in love with the idea of love? Who is going to protect us from forcing ourselves to think about things way too much? We all have worries about of love life and relationships, but why at valentines do we chose this to be the only time to come to terms with it and act upon it. I think asking and analysing too much buts too many unnecessary thoughts into our heads. There is nothing wrong with exposing our true feelings, but we must always pick and chose the right time and place. We forget that we may not at the end of the day hear or get what we really want back.

 We forget and are scared that in the long run they may not feel the way you want them to or thought that they would about you. But also realise all this time you thought you happy, but really you weren't .

We expose ourselves and our relationship worries way too much during this festive season, and the thing about being exposed is once your out there, naked and exposed... you can't take that moment back, you've been seen and the image and the idea has been made.

And there's no one there to guard you but yourself. 


Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Version of Sex In The City


It's a sunday afternoon, I've booked the day off work to do more productive things like improve my career and go through paper work, but this is not what i'm doing. I've been watching Sex and the city since noon and having bed rest with a sprained shoulder. 

Watching Sex & The City as inspired me and made me think alot. Certainly made me go straight to the laptop and write this. Why, because I have recently been having the "Carrie experience". Take how I sprained my shoulder. I sprained it in a club, on a date and slipped on a wet floor fell over wearing fabulous shoes! and yes my date had to literally pick me off the floor. What a gentleman. How embarrassing. I really liked this guy as well so I thought to myslef, what the hell am I doing. I had broken all my rules. One of which was NEVER to go clubbing on a date, let alone a first date! . 

So why was I here, it started off so nice, we went to the Loft bar, a cool little hidden bar in clapham for late 20 somethings. We then moved onto a nice little gay bar down in north clapham. 2 hours later I was drunk in a club and falling over a wet floor in cuban hills with one of the hottest guys i've been out with in a while. I must have be nervous, but also wierdly a little too confident. 

Where did this confidence come from. Well it came from my past year dating experience. I was sitting there in my classic "1st date" outfit, my lucky undies on and holding the lofts finest china over sized wine glass, swerlling my wine around in this huge glass and flirting the hell out of this glass. But I knew exactly what I was doing. The reason why is because I had done it all before. And often.

Valentines day is upon us which is when I was just in my last relationship, since then i've been on dates with at least 7 different guys. Still not in a relationship (which is fine). My question is..... is this ok? Am I becoming abit to accustom to dating. I admit. Some of the guys would have made reasonable partners. But should I be looking for reasonable or should I be looking for Mr perfect?  Gone are the days were I am up in the club, having way too much fun then I should be having. I'm looking for I guess sensibility, something real, something meaningful. 

But I hate to admit it, I have loved dating so much in the past year! I have had so much fun and learned so much. Who doesn't like a free dinner or drinks and dressing up and going out. Its not all for nothing, I'm not dating for the sake of dating. But the attention has been nice. I've certainly not put myself on a pedestal. One guy I went on 6 dates with, but after all those diners, drinks and walks along the river it took too long for him to open up and he was just nice! But had no spice to him. I'm not talking about sex, I mean he was just there! 

Sometimes I ask myself... Do I really need spice and how important is it? Can you have a relationship with someone if your a dominate, outgoing and maybe a "Wild thing" in the words of Miss Hepburn and have the other person be a shy and timid person. I mean what is "marriage material"? Not too say i'm looking to get married soon, But what should I REALLY be looking for?

Should they be fun and exciting or does this not exist? Do the party animals change? Do we just stop wearing Zara, River Island and Dolace and instead start wearing Burtons and marks & Spencer basics and stay in and play house! Does the party ever end in London?

Any one who knows me knows that I have a reputation for going out with older guys. I'm somehow drawn to them and they drawn to me! But I do ask myself why this is. Am I just the fun play thing?, or do they really want to settle down but still need someone fun and bubbly in their life. My mother as well as my sister think I shouldn't be going out with older guys as we would be in different places in life and different. But yet why are they so attracted to me in the first place. I don't see myself a young whore play thing. This is because I don't sleep around town and they know I don't. I mean recently I having been thinking alot about marriage. I certainly do want to get married. But still want to sit down and have life experience. Part of this life experience I guess includes dating. 

I'm ready to get back into a relationship, but how does one put this across in subtle way? One guy I dated at the end of last year cried when I ended things. I don't meant to air out his dirty laundry and obviously I've not named names. I mean we were not even in a relationship. He was so nice but way to clingy too fast. This after alot of consideration put me off alot.

I mean at the time I was dating one other guy as well as him, So I didn't get my heart involved too quickly. You should always have your guard up! I've learned this. I did warn him as well. But I felt so bad, but I did not lead him on. People have said "oh this must be a huge boost for your self esteem ". To be honest it really has not. No one wants or likes a broken heart. But I did like the idea of having options and dating and meeting various guys. But most of all I liked the idea of sticking to the dating rules and tactics. 

I don't mean games or anything like that, but I like the whole procedure of it all. When to call them, what emocon to use on whats app, what shoes to wear? Knowing what to say and what time? How to change to conversation from where did you grown up and how many brothers and sisters do you have into something so much more passionate and deep.  
These days I don't even know my rules or procedures because the older I get , the more they change. 

I have grown up and moved on so much, Recently went to see Taylor Swift live. (wanted to see her for ages for very personal reasons). Anyone who knows anything about Miss Swift knows she is an amazing song writer and not just some frigid pop star. Her songs are emotionally very well written and she conveys every emotion i've ever had in terms of my love life. So seeing her live and hearing her talk about her life and us as swift fans knowing she's gone through what I have , should have brought me to tears. But it didn't. The reason? Because I was over it, and life actually is good, any heartbreak I've had and running around town with all these emotions has totally been transformed into just good life experience and lessons learned. But is that it? Have I learnt everything there is to learn emotionally when just dating. Has the wurl wind of it all been done and finished? 

As much as I love the idea of my dating life consisting of wearing fabulous clothes, having fabulous friends and sipping on martinis and "working it bitch" as britney would say...... and having the "carrie experience", In the long run is that really what I want and is it worth it going through all that to find Mr right? Didn't carrie just end up with the same guy, 6 years down the line what will be made of me? What will happen when i'm a 30 something instead of a 20 something! 

Will all I have left be good shoes and bar bills taking up too much space in my trouser pockets? Or Will I be leaving Paris in the wee hours of the morning running back to the love of my life, 

We will just have to wait and see........


Friday, 31 January 2014

The Grammy's , Bieber & Miley

Hey, my blog is back, after a good few years I've decided to get back on it, a few people had reminded me that I had it and encouraged me to get back onto it.  I think i'm going to release a few posts at once so lets see how this goes.

The Grammy's

So lets be honest there was not that many great albums out last year, and the good ones did not make the cut. I don't know when the cut off was but I know that towards the start of autumn it was the great DIVA come back season.

 We had some of the greats and some of the not so greats come back, ( yes gaga we are talking about you, ain't nobody applauding your sorry flopped out ass) you call that an album really. Does anyone even care anymore. I don't even know anyone who is going to see your new tour, Going from stadiums back to arenas. 

Even the red carpet this year was dry in terms of celebs. where was the legends, where was the greats. But we can talk about the music  , but really WHO REALLY CARES !!! LETS GET DOWN TO THE GOWNS BITCHES.

You know where i'm gonna start....... BEYONCE'

OK I know you all love it, but you know what i'm like in terms of beyonce, I love her, yes she is our queen, but she is becoming too predictable.  she is trying too hard to scream " I'm a grown women". yes beyonce we know your a grown women and yes we know you got a baby. (who's hair aint been combed in a while, but i'm not gonna hate on the natrual look.... we all know your a busy girl on tour and what not!" As much as I love this dress, beyonce you love a large floral print too much, its so similar to all your dresses in the last past 4 years and the costume institute gala.

a little samey if you ask me! Beyonce you have just earned back your crown , try switch it up abit baby. I mean you slapped all the come backs divas down and put them in your place with your new album. What happened to the glamour, you trying to be sexy , but you don't need to try.
 what happened to this girl


The performance .......... 

well im just gonna say what all of us real pop fans know but are not brave enough to say! IT WAS BASIC! 

PLEASE. Anyone who is anyone knows that The Pussycat Dolls had done the whole chair thing and curving the goods on a chair long time ago! 
She just grinding on a chair. I'm sorry it was basic. Not saying it was bad but it was basic.

 There was no whipping of the hair. The reason is, because the girl cut off all her hair. I still can't believe she still is trying to be "the diva" with short hair! No point in trying to do new things with it B, you can try as you hard as you want, you can wet it up, but dax in it, do what the hell you want.... but still at the end of the day, you aint got no hair to be blowing in the wind from a Diva Fan!


 Ok, as cute as Ciara is ... SHE IS JUST A BABY MAMA at the moment. She aint a wife, she aint a queen, she just got futures 4TH BABY !!!!! Really girl, really girl. But you looked good. This was the platform for you to be known on another level of style with that dress. It was killer you looked stunning, but then you had to just bring the ghetto back with that pose of yours. Holding your pump and just reminded everyone you a baby mama and you having some ugly ass's 4th kid! ahhhhh CC really. The streets be talking girl and just because your preggers don't mean its cute! You could of done and you DESERVE better! I mean look at you, then look at him.......... exactly

Worst Dressed.....

ohh dear oh dear oh dear! Lets start with now what i'm calling " the queen mother" as a gay man I should have more resepect for Madonna! But she is no longer in my eyes the queen, A real queen ages with grace and elegance. AND THEN YOU HAVE MADONNA. Grills and all! lordy lord ! Im sorry its time to sit down, really madonna sit down, do you need assistance, do you need a carer! Take them damn grills out your mouth, go make a decent album and stop calling your whiteboy son a Nigger! 

Fantasia ....... girl im so happy for your nomination .. "Side Effects Of You" is my church tune, such a good album and such song aswell! The RNB was waiting and then you turned up  in that dress. I know your broke, but girl, ever heard of BOO they could have even hooked you up. If the dress was more snitched in and had a longer train then maybe we could have talked. oh dear, plus you didnt win! 

Justin Bieber 

 Im not gonna say much on the biebs, I really have not got the time. you've ruined your career, you had a good thing going, You have grown into your looks like a duckling into a Swan and then you fucked it all up. BIG TIME! The joke is everyone wants to send you back to Canada, please what the hell are they gonna do with you there! such a waste of talent. I'm sorry I blame Big Sean! As soon as he made that RNB record it went down hill,  this is why hip hop is bad! They are gonna eat you alive in prison, a little cute face thing like you, Boy you just better pray they use shower gel instead of soap in there ! Lets see how black you are in there. 

Miley  Cyrus

 I'm sorry, but really don't hate , she is really on a serious note killing it, and i'm going to tell you why. Firstly lets put it to rest she is NOT TRYING TO BE BLACK, she is embracing black culture. She firstly is 21, so in my opinion she is a grown ass women who knows what is doing. Unlike Bieber. Professionally she is killing it. she is selling mad records. The songs are actually good. Her hooks on these hip hop records actually really works well. She is twerking her way through stardoom. She has no ass what so ever, but she is still twerking better then half of these other basic bitches int he club! she genuinely has BALLS! she just don't care what your all saying. She is making big money doing it. 

Another observation is all these "bad , real niggers" ( not the words that I would use) in hip hop and lining up to have her on their records. The reason why you ask? Because is is bad ass and she sells! she has vocal talent. Her music has changed and so has her fan base.  But it this way there will be no 12 year olds at her new tour. you can not tell me that her new song with Will.I.AM is not a tune 

Unlike the biebs she does not need to rely on her kid and cute little screaming fans. The reason..... she has actual talent. Vocally if anything. Wrecking Ball was number 1 around the whole world! 

I say she is not harming anyone and leave her be , and let her get on with it. 

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Hello everyone!

thanks so much for the support of my recent blog, here is my new blog i have made. hope you enjoy it.

love, peace and girl power.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011



I can not be asked to bloody write anymore so i am video blogging!

my first post. I introduce myself, but you lovely followers already know me, talk fashion this week and what is new with me! thanks and hope you like it

love ya! p.s I know its been a while since i have blogged so im sorry!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


OK. Im just going to come out and just say it. Today is the 4th day of 2011 and so far it has been shit as. Firstly ima start you off with this hills level shit drama that happened on new years.

OK so im not even going to lie it partly was my fault but its me. It never is my fault. I just should have known better. So my mate tells me she wants to spend new years with me. Now i have always had a lil crush on my mate and i thought we had a connection for years but we have not really done much about it. But we have no properly told eachother that we like each other. It was one of those known things that did not need to be said. So i thought ok its NYE , i had a good shot here. Have a good old snog at midnight you know how it is. So she comes with us and im putting all my attention to her , ignoring these other bitches giving me the eye. Just being a gentleman and keeping eyes on one women. U know not being a player and shit.

So midnight comes around and we kiss. It was not an amazing kiss as if katy perry is going to be singing firework in the background and we will run into the moonlight singing "come what may" like in moulin Rouge. But it was a kiss none the less. So went to kiss my best mate afterwards who is also a girl, coz we just r good friends. Anyway so i turn around and the girl i like, the girl that i just kissed turned has got her touge down my so called other mates mouth!


But this girl was not ramping she did not care. Im thinking how the fuck is my boy gon go do this to me. what happened to bro's before hoes. Serious. hell no. So obviously i was not happy n was upset so i was just making a fuss telling everyone how i was gonna fuck him up. I STILL WILL DO IF I SEE HIM. Then she went and asked me if im ok. HELL FUCKING NO AM I NOT OK. SERIOUSLY R U OUT OF UR DAMN MIND. am i ok. what the hell.?

Then i had to appoligise to making a fuss. What the hell am i saying sorry for, i should be crushing some faces instead of saying sorry. But i had to step up and not look like some mad diva. So I had to put a face on and be like i was all happy and shit. Give my approval and crap. Tell her how he is a good guy and crap. Oh please he was some dickhead virgin who will get what he can. But ima just call it and not hate. lol . So then they basically ended up kissing the whole night, I could not take it. My ass just packed up my shit n left. I did not need that ish all up in my face.

So that was new years eve. So then today i get a text. (A TEXT NOT A PHONE CALL A TEXT) telling me how my student house got broken into. Apprantly the fuckers totally raided my housemates room n took a telly, a lap top and the best dvd collection known to man.

In my room the bastards took my prada grooming kit. ITS MY PRADA. PRADA........... PRA- DA!
I love prada. At least the little shits had a little bit of taste.

The bastards. I live in a nice area. This shit should not be happening. They clearly do not know who the hell lives there. This is me. This shit does not happen to me.

2011 just sucks ass. I bet im not going to get laid this year either. I bet im going to get a shit grade, no sex, and nothing great going on. I do not like uneven numbers, They are not good luck to me. They do not exsist to me.

Ima just have to pray for a good year. 2011 you can go suck it.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

X Factor

Hello Everyone.

Been a long time so thought id thought i have a lil rant. This is the official come back of my blog and more of A.Lee. Ok so we all been watching x factor and only way is essex so thought give you some views


  • OK first things first what on earth was cheryl thinking not putting gamu through. Will.i am must have been sticking his electro autotune disco stick down her ears or something because she was mad. No wonder nadine wants to cuss her off. And so right she should have, But the nation is over it and so am i
  • This Cher chick! ima just say what we all thinking................. what a wigger! im sorry but this girl is not serious about life. I just wanna run up to her and go BITCH PLEAAAAAAAAAASE! she been stealing peoples songs and calling them hers, and what is up with her ritarded voice, she not only sounds common but she sounds a tad slow no? She has spent wayyyyyy to much time in JD sports and topshop. Does she know what she looks like. Who the hell is voting for her. does she think it's all them top big serious girls in hackney. Can you imagine some girl in hackney turning to her baby daddy and going " oh i love cher i can so relate to her" HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!
    you know anyone with hoop earings but is too shook to wear them on road is voting for that bitch. Even lady sovereign has more street apeal then this girl and that aint saying much. Is this girl actually serious when she is rapping. No seriously have you seen her screw face, my girl looks like she just had a stroke! Other day she said she wanted to sing DIVA by beyonce. The only beyonce song you should be singing is " No No No" because thats what im shouting at the TV when i see you girl.
  • Katie- Have you seen this girls roots. please someone tell her go get them done please. She is fucking matt so at least he could do is pay for her highlights!
  • Aiden- im sorry but everytime he is on stage he just looks like he is on crack and needs to take a shit.
  • One Direction- Im sorry they are way to young to be having all these sex appeal shiz going down. One of them was shirtless in a mag the other day, so not kool. One of them, the one with the dark hair is always looking mad vex! You know he wants to be lead. The the short blonde one can not dance at all, he must be cousins with jedward because really he is just acting like a fool on that stage. Jumping up and down like some kind lord only knows what during a ballad. someone train that dude.
  • The rest of them are like ok and i aint gonna hate. Belle Amie need to stop shopping in topshop for real.