Monday, 19 July 2010

"Oh Darling Vs Oh Dear"

Hello silly kitty kats and dogs. How have my beloved been. It's been a long, long, long time since i have blogged and i have been meaning to. so much has happened; some good and some bad. so hopefully i can up date you on whats going down with me and whats going down in popular culutre.
Celeb Rant

Firstly miss Lindsay Lohan is going to not only prison but rehab aswell. OH DEAR! i'm not gonna lie i did not think she would go down and she don't deserve it. It's a lil DUI no one got hurt. Linsay needs a drink.......... did you see her last movie? I'd been downing more then a few martini's if that shit was on my credits! Even if she did run someone over in her car its all good! ITS ALL THE RAGE NOW! Everyone is having little accidents! what i thought was jokes was she wore nail polish that said "fuck u" in court! well that backfired on her now! judge said the same thing to her. Did you see her lawyer! loooooooool she had the worst attitude towards linds. she acted like lilo was a 6 yer old kid asking for sweets.

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